Favorite Pieces of 2017

As we begin the new year I am feeling nostalgic but relieved that 2017 is finally behind me. I feel as if I was waiting so long for 2018 to arrive but now that its here I'm all... Now What?! I'm not one for lofty resolutions that I never uphold but more of a goal getter mindset. I have a few goals in mind for 2018, and one of those is growing my business and presence online. I worked hard last year to clean up my IG account and be more intentional in my postings. Once I stopped posting in real time and started planning what content to share my Instagram account started growing and I was so happy to finally reach my goal of 1,000 AUTHENTIC followers! By authentic I mean not paid for. (The bots that offer followers are offering something that is not genuine people interested in your business and most of the time not even real accounts, I will never pay any company for followers, period.) My goal this year is to reach even more but not solely for the number and let me explain a bit. I want to grow my follower base not just to have the number but because I feel that by reaching a broader audience, I not only can grow my business financially but also because I want to inspire and motivate my followers. I think that this year, 2018, is the year of the woman. Women in entertainment, women in business and women as a population that gets stuff DONE - 2018 is going to be our year and if I can use my little platform of 1000 people to help motivate and inspire then I am succeeding in my eyes. It takes a LOT of work to pursue a dream. Many sleepless nights worrying about our businesses and if we will be able to support our families, how to turn inspiration into financial freedom, etc. We need motivation and uplifting posts that will help inspire and I'm hoping to really do that this year. 

I am also trying to simplify my life in many aspects this year. Less clutter, less purchasing just because its pretty but does it also serve a purpose? I reached major burnout level over the course of the past year because I was trying to do it all while my store was still open. I lost track of the "Why" in my life and started just focusing everything on my bottom line. When I opened my store my goal was to bring my art to the world by having a location for my furniture and also my vintage finds. When I opened I found out quickly that the location I was in was profitable but not in the arena that I thrive in. I was selling some furniture but for the most part what was paying the bills was gift and clothing items. While I loved merchandising that was not my original purpose so I quickly lost the passion and got burnt out. My store didn't fail but I needed to close so I could simplify and get back to my original passion of painting antique furniture and selling it along with beautiful gathered finds that make an impact in your home. This year I am excited to concentrate on my passions again and see how far that will take my business. 

Now that you have a little background on my goals for 2018, I want to look back on 2017. I had some of my favorite pieces I've ever painted in my last year but a lot of them were completely buried in the feeds because my store was in the forefront of my life. I am so excited to be painting again. My ideas are coming a mile a minute and I'm inspired to make the best out of what I have and grow my business with much less overhead that will allow me the time & finances to pursue life and other things while not reaching that burn out phase so I can stay creative. 

To keep the inspiration going scroll on down this post for my favorite pieces of 2017! And at the end will you do me a favor? Will you leave a comment letting me know what you want to see more of from my blog and IG over the next year? Do you love my painted pieces? What about vintage finds and home decor or how about more of my lost, found rooms and interior designing? How about lifestyle and inspiration posts or DIY tutorials? Let me know, I really want to hear what my followers like to see from me so I can do my best to inspire and motivate you! I wish you all the best in the coming year and I hope you chase your dreams! 




lost, found. Rooms

Since opening my shop last year I have heard things like this time and time again from customers browsing in the store: "I wish I could live here." "Wow, I want to move in!" "The shop is beautifully arranged, it makes me just want to live here."

That got me thinking... What if you could?

Since I started painting furniture I have always tried to combine my love of paint with my love for photography by taking nice staged photos of my finished pieces. In the beginning, I used things from around my house to "Pretty" them up a bit for the photos. Then I started trying to use mostly things I was also going to have for sale so that if people wanted to have the same look they theoretically could. This new concept is just continuing to evolve from that original idea but on a bigger scale. Instead of just one piece for one price this concept involves designing an entire space around my painted pieces of furniture.  The rooms will feature one or more painted pieces of furniture as well as other gathered pieces and items both found and new and the ENTIRE space will be available for sale, right down to the curtain rods! 

So here it is! The debut of my first room and I couldn't be more proud!

For this first space I wanted to design a living room. Mostly because I had started designing the room when I found that beautiful sofa and had it in the space already. Then I came across the dresser and decided to design a contemporary space with definite BOHO accents to bring a cozy and traditional feeling to the room. 


If you have followed me for long you'll know that one of my favorite things to do on furniture is to stain the top and paint the body. On this piece I had to strip veneer from the top and gave it a beautiful new mahogany stain. Then I painted the body in chippy and timeless navy milk paint, sealed the piece with beeswax and added new hardware. To accent the top of the dresser I added some vintage books of varying sizes with a pair of adorable vintage brass candlesticks. I also thought the peacock feathers in the vintage jug as well as the lamp gave this little corner some nice height and texture in an otherwise boring area. The frame is painted in the same color and filled with an image of wood rounds to accentuate that cozy at home feeling. 

The coffee table got the same stain treatment on top with a dark gray graphite color on the body. The entire piece was waxed for protection and the original hardware on the drawer.

This faux leather club chair and boho style rug are found pieces that I feel really give this space dimension and character. I absolutely LOVE the pattern on the rug and the fact that its got a little sparkle to it, I secretly want to keep it! 


Another aspect of my business that I LOVE to talk about is my relationship with other local makers and business owners, especially fellow moms. I really feel strongly about the idea of community over competition and thankfully because of my own small business I have met some amazing women who craft and make beautiful home decor items that I was proud to feature in this space. The blanket ladder was handmade by a dear and amazingly crafty friend, Tricia. The soy candle is hand poured by Amanda of Ferpie and Fray down in the Tacoma area. (Purchaser will receive an unburned candle!) Through Amanda I came across Tara from By Design Co. who makes amazing pillow covers with my favorite Pacific Northwest theme and I am obsessed with them so had to make sure I incorporated one into this design. The "I like it Here" fits not only with our area but also the room, because I really do like it here! And the fourth local mom who makes featured in this room is Allie from Lavenders Blue Handmade Decor. Allie actually delivers my candle orders to me in Snohomish and I was so excited when she showed me the amazing and on trend cement products she makes. I had to include one of her succulent planters with this room because of the boho theme and it fits perfectly!

I love all the little details right down to the three living plants that will bring clean oxygen and peace to your space. 


So now that I have shown you all the beautiful details, here is how this concept will work. Everything in this room featured in these photos is available as a package deal. Yes, you can buy everything you see here for ONE price! You don't need to go out to any other sources or websites, just simply fill out a contact form here on the website so we can arrange the sale! Local Seattle Area buyers, unless you are willing to travel to pick up as shipping and delivery is not available outside the area. This room will be available for sale as a whole for ONE WEEK. So from now until November 1st the priority will go to a buyer who wants to purchase the entire space. 

After the first week I will open up the room to sales of individual items. During the next week if you decide you would like to purchase one or more of the items seen above please send a contact form with your email address and which items you would like to purchase. I will reply with the cost of the items and put you on a wait list. If the room doesn't sell as a whole and becomes available for individual sales then we will contact people on the list, send invoices and arrange pickup or delivery of your pieces. 

There you have it! I really hope you all enjoy and please feel free to send a contact form with inquiries about the space available or future spaces I'll be working on! *Please also note: comments on the post are enabled, however, in order to purchase items or the room you must submit a contact form.