lost, found. Rooms #2

One of the biggest compliments I received at my shop when it was open was how awesome it was that we created a space for kids. This was inspired by my own children who are not huge fans of shopping at "No Touch Stores". They often get bored and overwhelmed making shopping a memorable experience for Mom, not in the fact that I shopped but that it was more of a referee session each for each stop to make sure that nothing would get broken or too rowdy! At lost, found. I created a fenced off play area for kids to use while their parents shopped in my store. This made an enjoyable experience for the kids since they could draw on the chalkboard wall or play with toys and the parents could actually relax for a moment while they shopped and this would usually result in them making purchases they may not have made if they were worried about their toddlers running around. Win Win for everyone involved! When my store closed last month I brought home everything from the play space and realized that this close to Christmas it might make someone's little one very happy on Christmas morning as a brand new play room! So - here is the debut of my 2nd space in my lost, found. Rooms design project and its a play room! 

This is not a full room because I want to be able to accommodate my client's spaces and you may want this setup in your child's bedroom or to fit it into a corner of your existing living room if you don't have an entire room to dedicate as a play area. One thing that the Seattle area homes lacks at times is extra space so I wanted someone to be able to have this playroom element in a variety of sizes or spaces! 

I definitely wanted to include a Tnee's TeePee in the play space. Teepees are such a fun imagination enhancer for children. You can add your own twinkle lights inside to make the perfect little reading nook, or just set it up and watch the fun because the possibilities for what a child can do with a little tent are ENDLESS! I proudly carried Tnee's TeePees in my shop and absolutely love their quality and that it is a small, family owned business, my favorite! The fabrics are durable, trendy and the construction is impeccable. Easy to set up and sturdy so they won't collapse on your child, they are the best! This is the last one from my stock and I love the vibrant black and white stripes that add such dimension to this space. I paired it with this fluffy faux fur blanket that you could use as a rug or just extra fluffy layers inside the teepee as well as a pillow since little readers need to be comfortable too! 


As you know, I also must add vintage elements to my designs. The history behind these found treasures makes for wonderful stories and think of what your child will say as they pass this vintage Paddinton Bear down to their children someday... 

Remember what I said above about vintage items being "treasures"? When I found this bear I knew he was rare because Paddington usually has a red coat with a navy blue hat. This one had a hat that was green with green boots which I hadn't seen before. Low and behold, look what I found in his little pocket?! This particular bear is actually from Harrods in London and is numbered 200 of 500! So he has travelled from actual far off places and think of the stories he must have! 

I included this fun abacus for counting practice and a fun vintage look, even though I believe this piece is probably a reproduction vintage item; it makes for fun decor and dimension on a shelf as well! Plus, fresh green plants are wonderful for educating our youth about caring for and growing things. This little guy will be very easy to take care of as he only needs about one ice cube per week for water! 


The sweetest vintage Peter Rabbit place setting probably would be best as wall or shelf display because they are breakable but they are just so cute I had to include them for this room!

I had these giant poppy flowers in the play space as well. If you want to create a magical fairy garden or add texture to the walls these flowers are fantastic and received many compliments, but are a little worse for wear after a year in my shop! They would be amazing hanging from the ceiling or even attached to a railing or wall for a huge pop of color and dimension.


These galvanized letters spell P L A Y and were inspired by Joanna Gaines of course. Wonderful for farmhouse decor as well as young readers who are beginning to sound out and notice sight words!

Lastly, I must talk about this table and chair set that I got from my local Fred Meyer. I had originally planned on a child size picnic table for the space. However, this metal table and chair set have held up incredibly well. Its easy to clean and is the perfect size for your children to use daily, plus the color is vibrant and eye catching! 

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the latest room design. As with my first project this space is available for sale, everything you see here in the photos is included for one price or after the first week we will open it for sale of individual items. Please submit a contact form if you are interested in purchasing the entire room or if you would like only certain elements. This is a local sale for residents in the Seattle area of Washington State unless you'd like to arrange shipping.