Vintage Holiday Table Vignette

One of my favorite elements to bring to a home is vintage flair and I especially love to feature vintage elements during the holidays. Something about the faded colors of antique glass ornaments and rusty metals mixed with soft lighting makes me feel all nostalgic for Christmases gone by. This year my dining table got the full on vintage treatment and since I want to start blogging again I thought why not give a little mini tour of my tablescape for Christmas!

I don't technically have a "Dining Room" in our new house. More of a dining platform, meaning our table sits on a little platform in the family room with not much space so we have benches on either side that push under the table and 2 chairs on the ends of the table to save space. We actually live in our home and eat dinner as a family at the table so I don't have time for all that fancy place setting nonsense because I'd forever be cleaning up the table just for looks. No one in the real world has time for that on a daily basis! BUT that being said, my favorite place in the house to decorate is the centerpiece of our table. This is where we gather as a family, talk about our day and I love making different vignettes here every season. 

I started with a simple red and white snowflake table runner that I picked up at Ben Franklin craft store a couple of seasons ago and added a burlap ribbon for some texture as the base for my design. All of the vintage elements are from things I've collected over the years and one of my favorite things to pick up at yard sales, estate sales, thrifts etc is vintage toy trucks. I have 4 currently and use them to hold candy, napkins, and now bottle brush trees! 

A friend of mine gifted me a bag full of these cute flocked bottle brush trees earlier this year and I saved them knowing they'd be perfect for Christmas decorations! 

The cute windmill has got to be one of my sweetest antique store finds of the past year. I picked it up at my favorite mall in Cashmere, Washington a few weeks ago and it just adds the height and depth that I was needing for this vignette! The top even spins and rotates, its perfect for my little hanging Santa and doesn't it make this little scene a little more like a real tree farm?! 


Something else I never pass up at a yard sale is vintage Christmas decorations, especially old glass ornaments. They are super fragile and I break several every year just by looking at them I swear but you can find them pretty cheap at estate sales because people don't usually shop for Christmas in the summer. If you never get lucky enough to find them "in the wild" you can almost always pick them up for decent prices during Christmas at your local antique stores. Vendors shop for Christmas all year to fluff their booth spaces at the holidays! I added a few of my favorite tiny ornaments to this scene and it gave the table a beautiful color pop! (Plus now that I don't have a house full of toddlers I can trust that they will be safe if left on the table, yay parenting!) 

I finished off the vignette with some soft white fairy lights and a pearl garland, both also found at Ben Franklin Crafts and did a little "Joy" lettering on my chalk board. Side Note: This is the chalkboard from my childhood that hung in our playroom at my grandparents house for many years! Its a cherished piece for sure! What are some of your cherished pieces from your past that you have repurposed in your home as an adult?

Happy Holidays!